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Episode 7-Our Adoption Journey

Taking a break from the usual Q&A format to talk a bit more about my family’s story and some of the changes we’ve made to blend our childrens’ ethnic background into our lives. One resource that was especially helpful was the Refresh Conference.

Refresh Seattle, March 15- 16, 2019

Refresh Kansas City, March 29- 30, 2019

Refresh Chicago, Oct 24- 26, 2019


Episode 6: Raising a Child who Breaks the Mold and Forms their Own Identity

Steadfast. It’s not a word you hear often, but it’s a fitting description for Sasha Johnson, a twenty-something who was adopted when only 7 days old. Today she’s a single mom with two businesses and a strong sense of who she is, but getting there wasn’t easy. Hear the story of how she, and her parents, persevered.

Episode 5: The Culture of the Black Barbershop

Does darkening the door of a black barbershop seem like an act of desecration to you? Pastor Michael Thomas talks about the black barbershop experience and provides encouragement for adoptive parents who want to do right by their African American son.

Articles and essays about the black barbershop:

5 black barbers on why barbershops are sacred spaces,” The Fader, October 23, 2017

The power and politics of the black barbershop,” The Fader, October 11, 2017

10 things you need to know about the black barbershop,” September 08, 2015

Barbershop study trimmed black mens’ hair and blood pressure,” Associated Press, March 12, 2018


Episode 2: The Culturally Competent Adoptive Parent

Seventeen years ago, Professor and licensed clinical social worker, Betsy Vonk, created a list of 39 recommendations for how adoptive parents could improve racial awareness, help their adoptive children connect with their culture, and develop survival skills for themselves and their children. Professor Vonk and I discussed her research, whether she would add anything to her list today, and what resources she recommends, especially for adoptive parents of children from Asian descent. Below are links to some of her recommendations:

REPORT: Cultural Competence for Transracial Adoptive Parents:

Cultural Korean American Adoptive Family Network:
John Raible Online—Exploring adoption, race & social justice:
Gazillion Voices:
W.I.S.E. Up! PowerBook:
Pact—An Adoption Alliance:
North American Council on Adoptable Children: