3 thoughts on “Intro Episode: Peaking Inside the Bag – MB001

  1. Mark, I loved this and forwarded it to our daughter Mandy, who is doing foster to adopt in Los Angeles. She and her husband Ben have had two beautiful African American babies thus far. Waiting for the Lord to allow them to keep a child that can be part of their forever family.

    You and Sheila are touching the world for Christ’s sake through your family.

    The Lord bless you both as you continue to follow His leading.

  2. Mark, I can not tell you how important I believe the work you are embarking on is, to address the issue and importance of honoring the culture(s)/color of children who are in adopted or foster care with families that do not mirror their own culture/color. Needless to say, you and Sheila have a heart for all people and have worked to ensure that your children have exposure to their own culture, even to the extent of seeking out a multi racial/multi ethnic church that is focused on God centered reconciliation! My family and I absolutely love being a part of your extended family and pledge to do whatever we can to support you, Sheila and your three beautiful children. I will support you in being, ‘Woke’ and considering what will continue to make you successful natural and adoptive parents. And, I believe that you will do the same for me as I continue being a parent and as we work together on our Faith and Race group at Radiant. Love you all with all my heart!

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